STC Microblading 

Brow design - Microblading 

As a Skin Specialist by trade and trained under Dermatology, Samantha specialises in ultra realism, feathered hair stroke brows which is the most natural form of brow tattooing. Using state of the art technology along with your facial features she can create perfectly groomed brows with the most natural looking hairs. The brows are designed around your natural face shape, bone structure and most importantly the way you want them! The correct pigment is chosen to replicate your natural brow hair colour and compliment your underlying skin tone.

Microblading offers a revolutionary way to create new brows that uses the most advanced techniques to apply pigment into the skin using tiny micro needles that can create the look of a real hair strand. The needle can flow in the same direction as the hair growth, forming a wonderful natural looking eyebrow.

Samantha also specialises in correctional work, colour removal and hair loss design, having a partnership with Nuffield Health treating clients that suffer from Cancer and Alopecia.

Price List


Microblading / Microfeathering;

West Sussex STC Medispa | £350.00

London from £400.00

* Price includes touch up treatment 4-8 weeks later and all aftercare products

** Some clients require more then 2 treatments depending on skin. Additional treatments may require a cost from £30.00

Colour Boost Touch-Up (Sussex)

3-6 months | £80.00

6-9 months | £100.00

9-12 months | £150.00

12-15 months | £200.00

*Colour boost prices are for STC clients only. For colour boosts required from other practitioners work or correction, please book a consultation first.

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