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Cosmetic Tattooing

Mist Brows | £450.00

An “airbrushing” technique used to implant fine dots of pigment into the skin, to create a mist of colour for a natural look of light make up behind Microbladed hairs. Advised for oily skins and skins not suitable for microblading alone.

Ombré Brows | £420.00

This technique creates a soft ‘powdered’ brow, darkening towards the tail that looks like perfectly applied powder or pencil makeup. Great for brows needing more definition and for oily skins.


*prices include your touch up 4-8 weeks later and personalised aftercare kit

for the best healing results.



Discreet Eyelash Enhancement | From £275.00 

Fine Eyeliner | From £295.00 


Lip Blush | £375.00

Lip Contour Definer and Lip | £395.00

Full Lip Tint | £455.00

Scalp Micropigmentation | £POA

An advanced, medical hair tattooing treatment which is non-invasive and permanently disguises hair loss such as male pattern baldness, thinning hair, alopecia and head scars. Consultation required for personal treatment plan.

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