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Women's Health Clinic

We're  delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Spencer to the Medispa, to offer a number of treatments to help with Women's Health, including Menopause GP services and Medical Dermatology.

Menopause photo.jpg
Menopause photo.jpg

Menopause Services

The average age in the UK for women to stop their periods is 51, whilst the average life expectancy in the UK for women is nearly 83. This means spending over a third of our potential lives living without oestrogen and being menopausal!

Going through the menopause can be a very diverse phase, with personal experience varying greatly, and for some people it can be life altering for all the wrong reasons. Dr Spencer will be able to address the huge spectrum of possible symptoms and validate your own experience of the menopause. You are more than just your hormones, and you don’t have to be held back by them.

Menopausal treatment is not just about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), although direct replacement of what you are missing is often a lightbulb moment for many. Dr Spencer will take the time to go through all the non-medical ways you can help yourself this transitional period.

 Menopause Consultation -  £250.00  ( 1 hour )

Menopause Follow Up Appointment - £125.00 ( 30 mins )

* Prescription of HRT priced separately 

How to get the best out of your menopause consultation

  • Before your appointment

    • Get your weight, height and blood pressure checked – this can be a home reading if you have a meter, done at your GP surgery without appointment, or a local pharmacy.

    • Fill out and return the Greene Climacteric Scale, which will be emailed to you on confirmation of your appointment.

  • Information to bring to your appointment:

    • The names and doses of any medications you take

    • Any medical conditions you have

    • If you have a family history of: cancers, especially female cancers such as breast, ovarian or womb cancers; blood clots or clotting disorders; heart disease or stroke

    • If you have a history of cancer yourself, Dr Spencer may need to consult with your NHS specialists, so any correspondence from them is very helpful.


Medical Dermatology

One of Dr Spencer’s main passions is dermatology, so she is delighted to be able to combine this with her interest in menopausal care.

If you have any skin areas of concern, Dr Spencer can review these with a special magnifying device called a dermatoscope and photograph the areas for later review. These images will be yours to keep, or Dr Spencer can send these via secure email to your own GP or preferred dermatology service.

Many people have put off seeing their own GPs due to the pandemic. They may be unsure if that little something on their skin, which has been changing, is something to be concerned about; or they may have been unable to see anyone face to face to address it. Dr Spencer has seen first hand the unfortunate effects of delayed presentation of skin cancers, and would urge anyone to seek medical advice if they have seen unexplained changes in their skin, particularly of dark coloured ‘moles’.

Medical Dermatology Consultation - £125.00

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