Skin Aesthetics

MCA Medical Micro Needling | £POA

Providing a solution for a multitude of skin conditions including stretch marks, acne scars and sun damaged skin, achieving visual, aesthetic enhancement and long-lasting harmonious skin repair. pitted scars are made smoother, scars become flatter and stretched marks are improved in texture and colour.

Scar camouflage | £POA

Scar camouflage micro-pigmentation is the unique use of medical grade pigments being infused into scarred tissue using specialised medical tattooing techniques to diminish its prominence and noticeability. the pigments used are individually custom blended to perfectly match the surrounding skin in tone, texture and general appearance.

Tattoo Removal | £POA

Offering two types of non-laser tattoo removal treatments including the E-Raze removal system and the saline removal method. Both treatments are highly effective for successfully fading-out and removing unwanted permanent ink tattoos and semi-permanent cosmetics from the face and body. Consultation required.

Cryotherapy | from £50.00

A simple, highly effective, non-invasive solution to unwanted blemishes such as;

Skin tags

Age/ Liver Spots



Milia / Milk Spots

Cherry Angiomas / Blood Spots

Pigmentation / Sun Damage

Using the precise application of extreme cold. The accurate process of rapid freezing products produces Cryronecrosis in targeted abnormal tissues, permantly destroying these whilst preventing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.