LVL Lash Lift | £55.00

An Eye-deal treatment for the most natural voluminous lashes. This revolutionary phenomenon reveals your natural lashes making your eyes the centre of attention! Lashes are lifted and tinted giving you an ‘awake’ feeling and no need for mascara lasting up to 8 weeks!

- suitable for all types of natural lash lengths, even super short!

Eyelash Tint | £18.00

Eyebrow Shape | £15.00

STC Brows ( tint and wax ) | £25.00


Nouveau Classic Lash Extensions

For 24/7 powerful eyes, this is it. The ultimate Lash treatment for fuller, thicker and longer lashes from the moment you wake. Light and soft but strong, each are individually curled and tapered to imitate natural beautiful lashes.

Classic Lash Extensions

Individual Full Set | £70.00

Lash maintenance – 2 weeks | £30.00 

Lash maintenance – 3 weeks | £35.00

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Textured and styled lash extensions, this unique technique brings together the softness of a classic lash with the fullness of a volume lash. By mixing individual and cluster lashes together you create the ultimate look in lash styling.

Full Set | £80.00

Lash Maintenance - 2 weeks | £30.00

Lash Maintenance - 3 weeks | £35.00


Volume Lash Extensions

Volume and Style! This advanced lash technique uses clusters of lashes to create fans of natural volume, giving you the appearance of thick Russian style lashes without the heavy exterior. 

Individual Full Set | £90.00

Lash maintenance – 3 weeks | £35.00 

Lash maintenance – 4 weeks | £40.00

Lash Removal | £20.00

Eye Styling

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